Static Mesh Animation BP Reverse not Working with Multiple Parts?

Hi, I am currently animating an automatic door that opens when the player gets close to it. I was able to get it to open and close depending on whether the player was in the box trigger when it was simple, but I have added many little moving pieces to make it more animated, and opening it seems to be working fine.


However, the reverse when the player exits the box trigger is not working anymore for some reason. In fact, the reverse animation plays right after the opening animation finishes, and I have been just working with the main door part so I don’t waste too much time with all the little parts before I know it works.


Here are the BPs for the animations (I feel like it could be more efficient? Im not sure though because I wanted it to have a wave effect rather than all opening at once).

^The BP for opening and closing the main door

^The Sequence that controls the inputs for all the little parts

^The entire BP, I know its unreadable that far zoomed out but I thought it would help to see where everything is?

I hope I can fix this soon and I’m guessing its an issue with the box trigger overlap for some reason but I can’t figure out how to solve it. Thanks