Static Mesh alignment after collision

I’m having a weird situation where the static mesh seems to be off alignment after collision and for the life of me I can’t find a rotation layer between the pawn actor and the static mesh component…

Help! I can’t seem to figure this out

I’ve been up and down the hierarchy of rotations and just don’t see where this is occurring … local, mesh and actor rotations line up yet the mesh gets pivoted after collision ???

Figured it out, I had to add angular dampening to the physics response… not sure how to read that value yet but the angular dampening of 10 restores alignment pretty quickly

not sure if that help but check this out !

Ya I was checking Actor Rotation, Static Mesh rotation and local rotation and they all stayed perfectly aligned… the above BP would align the actor with the normal of the collision which isn’t what I was after… the free flow physics seems to handle pushing the pawn away from the impact and is likely why the angular offset occurs. in any case, setting the angular dampening worked! but what isn’t obvious at this point is how I read the angular offset that’s occurring… it might be moot at this point though as my pawn quickly re-aligns itself so I’m not sure its important to access now :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response