Static Mesh Actor start hidden and show on click of a widget button

Hi there,

Can someone please tell me how to start my runtime with some static mesh actors hidden and then toggle their visibility with a widget button?

So to explain this better. I have three buttons in a widget. One is elements off, second is a specific set of elements on and the third button contains a second set of elements to display. I want to be able to click on the buttons and toggle the visibility of these but start with all of these elements off (which refers to the first option…)

@R4ko0n So the widget has to have it’s buttons ‘bound’ to variables in a BP, and that BP turns the cubes on and off.

Then the most direct way to do that would be using SetTimerByEvent. The BP uses the time to ‘watch’ the variables, when they change, it just marks the cubes as ‘hidden in game’, or not…

Thank you for your answer! Is this possible to be done with GroupActors? I have Grouped my static meshes and it seems that I need to find a way to reference the GroupActors to the buttons.

@R4ko0n Not grouped actors, that’s just an editor thing. But it’s very easy to put the same tags on actors ( it’s just in the details panel ), then in you BP you can do ‘get all actors with tag’ and catch them all at once.

Also, why not try answerhub, you’ll get more answers, and people get emailed when someone posts, so you don’t have to wait for ages :wink:

Thank you very much! Well I think Answerhub is mostly for bugs and crashes and this is not my issue… Anyway, I found what you said, I assigned a Tag to my static meshes. My Blueprint is the one below. Two buttons on a widget assigned to turn on or off the objects. But nothing happens…