Static mesh actor has null staticmesh properties

so after finally problem solving the uv error’s (which were not overlapping but it kept saying they were) now im getting a static mesh error, and im kind of lost. Here are two images of the error and what im building.

Any help would be much appriciated.

Hey i had this problem also a while ago. But i can’t remember really what it was.


this was google search. Iam not sure if it helps, but if i remember correct, it could be something like this.

Normally you just have to click onto the mesh - go to the properties on the right side of the window - check if the mesh appears in the mesh slot :slight_smile:

For the light error -> go into the mesh settings (double click onto it in the content browser) and at the lightmapcoordinateindex you have to type in 1

oh yeah true.

its important to know, if you import an Mesh without a Lightmap, UE4 uses UV-Set 0 as Lightmap. If you add an Lightmap later, you need also to change the Coordiante Index to 1.
If you import your mesh directly with 2 UV-Sets (1. Texture and 2. Lightmap), UE4 takes the second UV-Set as Lightmap

it doesnt seem to be letting me set it to 1 (on lightmap) it just reverts it back to 0. thanks for the reply’s by the way and sorry for the late response been a busy work week.

Creating a 2nd uv channel for the lightmap should fix it :slight_smile:

out of oddity i closed ue4 and came back bout 30 min. later and re opened the map and all the errors are gone.

I have this same issue right now and I actually never deleted the mesh. I have it set up an a blueprint as a component (a door by the way). Is there a solution for this? I did however copy and paste the same blueprint into the level, could this have caused it?

I was having this problem, when testing imports into an existing blueprint third person project. Started a new blueprint third person project and my assets imported fine…

If devs want to test i can provide files/whatever. Seems a bit odd and couldn’t figure a way to stop it. Meshes imported from C4D with two UV channels and everything in tact as far as i can tell…

Answer Here: