Static Mesh 3ds Max to UE4: need help with UV Tiling

edit: screenshots posted below

Hi there,
i’ve been trying to solve my problem for weeks now and cant find any posts or videos that help me.
i hope someone in here can help me.

so here is my working process and problem:

  1. creating editable poly in 3ds max
  2. adding simple materials as placeholder
  3. unwrap uv (2x)
  4. import fbx to UE4
  5. apply material and get mad

if i create a static mesh in UE4 and apply a material, it looks as it should. if i apply it to the 3ds max’ mesh, its sizing and sometimes direction is wrong.
a) the material changes direction on different elements of the mesh (lets say i have a static mesh which is a floor with a few elements, the texture of some elements will go horizontal and others vertical)
b) the uv tiling size is totaly wrong

i am aware, that i could use texcoord to change the tiling size and rotate the material (if the element has a material of its own).
but thats a hell lot of work for me, as i have to manage a material for every mesh i create and i have to many meshes.

Is there a way to export the mesh in 3ds max to match the settings of a mesh which was created in UE4?
ps: i want to manage materials in UE4, not 3ds max.

Thanks in advance for any answer that might help

Some pictures of your model, its issues and its UV layout would really be helpful here.

If you have issues with tiling and directions, it probably comes from your Unwrapping in Max. Even though if you don’t want to texture your assets in Max, you should use some kind of control texture such as the cheker map to check for proper alignment.

There shouldn’t be much of a difference between Max and UE4 if done right.

Are you checking the UV in the UV editor window first? A cube should be a T shape, not a line of squares. Sometimes it can be set to ‘Along U’ by mistake, though I use Maya and cant remember the 3DSMax workflow atm.

Check the UV in both 3dsmax and unreal to be sure its picking the correct UV.


sorry for my late reply. didnt make it to the pc again last friday before i went into the weekend.

Some screenshots trying to describe my workflow. just point at the things i am doing wrong.


Material i am using as a placeholder (should i change anything?)

Mesh with 4 Materials

Unwrap UVW (i guess this is my problem. do i have to sort the bits on the left for every single mesh i created by myself and not just by flatten mapping)

Unreal Engine

Imported mesh with applied starter content material and wrong directions. i used different materials on the floor part to be able to rotate it, as i cant do it if its all made from one (material has a different size than applied on mesh created in UE4)

Material Size changed via texcoor

i have same problem

i cant use texcoord for all materlas

is there any way to fix problem in 3ds max ?

The problem is that some of your UV islands are rotated and this results to different directions/orientations of the textures. The fix is to apply the same texture (that you are using in UE4) in 3ds max and then rotate the islands (90 degrees) to match the direction you want. Or! You can use the world aligned node in material editor. :wink:
Something like that:

*edit: lol, I noticed that the thread is a bit old. @ Farshhild the same workflow should apply for you too I think. :wink:

my proble is about texture scale

i dont want use texture coordinate for all materials !!!

how i can fix it in 3ds max

Same Problem here, any ideas yet?

Your texture coordinate can exceed 1,1 if you are using a tileable material. You could also use world coordinate in your material instead of texture coordinates

Check ( unable) real world scale in each texture bitmap in the shader window of 3dsmax. After it the tile will be correct after exporting to unreal