Static Lights Turn Off After Baking

Hi All.

I’m trying to figure out a problem with my lights building. I’ve static lights in the scene, every time I build levels, static lights turn off like they’ve never exist. If I moved them or changed their intensity they turn on directly, but the preview massage or the objects need to be light rebuild massage pop up. Did anyone encounter something like this before, is it a bug or I’m doing something wrong and missing something.

I’m using UE5 early access.


I’m having this very issue myself.
I’ve had a room lit with static lights working perfectly fine in UE4 and changing the project to UE5 broke all those lights.
Even adding new lights doesn’t help.
I’m lost for words and performance. Can’t turn every light into Stationary or Movable as it just sucks all performance in scenes with lots of lights.

I even tested making a new project with no starter content, a new level, and only have 1 geometry and 1 static point light in the level. After baking the lights are gone and everything is just black. Something is clearly wrong on the engine side.

Hello Houzaifa,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. This behavior sounds like it may be a bug. A bug is a defect in the engine code that results in unexpected behavior and can be reproduced under specific conditions. In order for us to verify this issue, would it be possible for you to Submit a Bug Report?

See How To Report A Bug for additional details on how to submit a bug report.


We haven’t solved this problem yet, have we?
The way to reproduce it is simple. Just create a completely new empty project, create a completely new scene, then make the lights static and do a light build.
The static lights will never have been there. Reproducibility is 100%.

This is the result of the light build.
I have two computers,
and the result was the same regardless of which computer I used to build it.
Is it working correctly there?

After like a year it still haven’t been fixed… what a shame.

Try disable Lumen.

I encountered the same problems, so I tried increasing the Static Mesh’s Light Map Resolution. Then I was able to solve this problem.

It might not be relevant, but I hope it can be helpful.