Static lighting when using Blueprints.

Hi, Im getting lost in Blueprints, again. I have a BP with a Static Mesh component of SM_DiningRoomSet1. I place the BP_DiningRoomSet1 in my level and the Dining Room Table can be seen. Using a widget and UMG I have a button which when pressed during game play, changes the BP_DiningroomSet1 to a new Static mesh of DiningRoomSet2. Please see my Widget graph below. I dont know if I’m doing this completely wrong as Im new to Blueprints, but When the BP changes to new Static mesh, the static mesh does not have any Static lighting attached to it. The BP_DiningroomSet1 is set to movable lighting, it wont work if I leave it on Static lighting. All I want to do is let the user press a UMG button during play time to change one diningroom table to another. Please can someone let me know where I’m going wrong.