Static joy sticks on the mobile device! !!

Good afternoon, prompt as it is possible to make that joy sticks on the mobile device were fixed in game on one place? Thanks in advance for the response! ! !

Howdy Ivanov Artem,

I believe that i have found out how you can create Static Joysticks for a mobile device. If you open up your project in the Editor, Go into the Project settings from the Edit tab at the top of the editor. Once you are in the project settings, select the Input subsection. Under the mobile section, of the Input subsection, Look for the default touch interface. Select the magnifying glass next to the DefaultVirtualJoysticks. This should allow you to locate the virtual joysticks in the content browser. Double click to open that Touch Interface Setup. Enable the Prevent Recenter checkbox and then save. Exit the popup window and be sure to save the level. Once you deploy the level, the joysticks should be static and will not move.

Let me know if this helps you to solve your issue.

Have a great day!

Hello Sean Gribbin. Thanks for your response, it just that that is necessary! ! ! It very much helped me! ! !