Static image as background


I was wondering how I would use an image as a static (stationary) background. An example is how this uses the pad of paper.

The image doesn’t move regardless of camera movement.

Thank you or any help in advance.

depends if you’re making a 2D game or a 3D game where the image has to be all arround you?

3d with fixed camera position. Top down

With a Fixed camera position it won’t take any coding.

Save the image in a ^2 scale. Make a material from it, and link the image to both Base Color and Emmissive Color.
Drag off the Roughness to make a constant with a value of 1.

Save that material and find a Plane in the objects browser, apply the material to it, turn shadows off for it, and stick it way back behind your play area, positioned to fill the camera’s entire field of view.

Awesome! Thanks for the help!

You know it’s something more like background image for instance Blender as one of 3D modeling software.