Static functions from Blueprint function library not available in Macro


Does anyone have any idea why static blueprint functions, the ones in the Blueprint Function Library, are not available in Macros?

For e.g: Create a macro and try to call: SpawnSound2D from GameplayStatics, or any other function from a Blueprint Function Library for that matter. They don’t show up as available, and if copy /pasted they are removed (“Conflicting nodes are removed”)

What gives?



Seems to work fine for me.

@matan19 is that a macro your calling the function in? It looks like a regular function.

Kind regards,
Iancu C.

@iancuc - Actually it looks completely different than a function.

Macro - has a blue background color in Input/Output, and the nodes are named ‘Inputs’ and ‘Outputs’
Function - has a purple background color in input/output nodes, and the input is named same as function name, and output is named ‘Return Node’

Also, you can’t have exec pins like ‘Start’ and ‘End’ in function. You can see they are arguments since they have names.