static blueprint callable functions not showing up in editor

so i have a class with these two functions:

// Queries a leaderboard for an integer value
	UFUNCTION(BlueprintCallable, meta = (BlueprintInternalUseOnly = "true", DisplayName = "Get My Leaderboard Entry"), Category = "Online|Steam Leaderboard")
		static ULeaderboardQueryBlueprintProxy* CreateProxyObjectForLeaderboardEntry(FString LeaderboardName);

	UFUNCTION(BlueprintCallable, Category = hello)
		static void myCustomFunction();

the editor finds “myCustomFunction” just fine anywhere but not “Get My Leaderboard Entry”, i’m trying to follow the way asynchronous blueprint functions are handled within the engine to write my own leader board functionality because the engine’s steam leader board integration is appalling at best.

Any ideas why the first function wouldn’t be showing up in the editor?

Second function works because it’s valid and correct ie: static void()

first one uses a custom type which is not supported as far as I know. I’ve always ended up with my own custom solutions for it when I need to use custom objects/types within blueprint.

Because the first one has ‘BlueprintInternalUseOnly = “true”’ metadata. See “bool UEdGraphSchema_K2::CanUserKismetCallFunction(const UFunction* Function)” in file <Path/to/UE4>/Engine/Source/Editor/BlueprintGraph/Private/EdGraphSchema_K2.cpp

I ended up getting this working eventually, i deleted the class I was working with and made a child class of OnlineBlueprintCallProxyBase, whatever was going wrong with my original implementation I have no idea but starting over with that meant I got it working correctly.

As a result, I can now do useful stuff with leaderboards like getting all of them, or my friends leaderboards (steam api)

I’ve been stuck on this for days. Any chance you could share your solution? :slight_smile: