Static Background Sub-Optimal?

I previously had very strange shaped models when I was using pictures from around my model and I posted about that here. The expert who replied said I should try video. I made a video of the model and RealityCapture broke it into 250 individual images. This time I put my subject on a rotational device and spun them, rather than walking around the subject. The idea was that there would be less movement. The model was just a bunch of points, as pictured.

Notice how the model looks nothing like the picture. What can I do to make an actual model? Thank you for your help. 

I tried modeling it again, but this resulting in something completely different. I’m not sure why its shifted horizontally, or why it filled the space looking something like a bar of soap. It seems I want to invert some setting, maybe? 

This is the question about the first attempt which faired better if you are curious: Help: Subject Blurry/Incomplete – RealityCapture Support (

Can anyone recommend tutorials? I’ve not been getting similar results as the results to the tutorials I’ve been following. 

Hi dtveraas, for this kind of work is best way to use camera rig to capture your model from all sides in one time.

The problem here is, that your model is rotate and you are standing on one place, but the background is not moving. So, the application consider this as a non movable object and that is why you get mess from this.

To apply your approach, you need to have a background without any possibilities to find a features on the background.

In this case you can use image masking, which could help to create a model. But as it is living person, there sure were some movements, which can be also wrong for modelling process.