Static Background in Paper2d

I would like to make it so that my background image is static, such as when the character moves, the background does not but all other props do. I believe i to make a blueprint for my background sprite, so it follows my characters position… But i have no idea how to do that? Help? :smiley:

I am also burdened by this very problem, as well. Perhaps we could somehow link the background to the camera, so that it “follows” the camera? Theoretically, the background would then appear to be static.

You can try adding a background image as a sprite that is a child component of your camera. Place it so that the character or whatever else you want the camera to see will be in front of the component with the background image.

Could you please elaborate on how to add a child component of the camera?
Thank you

In the blueprint where you have your camera, go to the components tab, from there you can select “Add Component” and then drag the new component down to the camera so that the new component becomes a child of the camera component.

Then you can organize the components in the viewport tab. In the example here there is a capsule that contains a few components including a spring arm, and the spring arm has the camera as a child, which in turn has the background sprite as a child.
Then in the viewport tab just layout the camera, the character, and the background so that they are layered as you want.


You deserve an overdue thank you, my friend!

It was just a missclick actually but i’ve run into a new problem where the background disappears when i turn around which would be much more awesome to solve :smiley:

Nevermind guise i figured it out thanks for pointing me in the right direction with everything!

You could also just put the background on the same plane as the player…

thanks man i actually did that for the dying sequence and found another way around for my backgrounds now i’m just trying to figure out the 2d ai and some possible grapple feature

Sounds like adding a camera component and an image attached to a mesh component. Alternatively, an image attached to a billboard component. Or the new experimental widget component. Maybe a flipbook instead?

how did you figure out the camera flipping when changing direction ?