[States machine] The Movement Speed will be lost while Transition into another States.

Recently, I Tried to use the States Machine to make the character Turning around more lively.

But when I tried to set some ‘‘Anim with Root Motion’’ into the states machine, they will always set the current speed to [zero], after a state transition going.

To find out what cause this problem, I tried to view the current speed real time. I found that after a Root Motion has played, whatever finished or not , no matter how fast the speed at last frame of the Root Motion is. The speed will go “zero” in a sudden.

For example, the speed of “CHR_Movement” will be like this:

         [Turn Back]   --->   [Walk&Run]-----------------state

(Anim_root motion) —> (Blend Space)---------------Anim_Asset
{ 50—>200 } → { 0 }–>{normal speed}-------------Current Speed

This problem only occur with Root Motion. When I try some other Anim asset, they all good.

But actually the Root motion bring something I need and I don’t want to give it up at all. So, are there some method to keep the Variable traveling in a correct way when transition?