States in UE4

Hello everybody,

I wanted to port my Wallrun Code from UDK to UE4, but I couldn’t find any information about states so I can use PHYS_SPIDER.
I am new to C++, so I am sorry for my questions.

I hope someone can help me.


I’m not exactly sure if UE4 has something imlemented like they had in unrealscript, but if not, its not very hard to implement it yourself.

Check out state pattern:

UE4 does not have states implemented yet, however you can use Delegates or enums to achieve what you need. So far I have not needed the use for states, but it should not be hard to implement something similiar.

Ambershee provided some links awhile back try looking at these:…-state-machine

I see they have added them into the AController class UP.

Are they going to be added to UObject so we can use them anywhere? or are they not going to be supported.

Are you guys going to add them in?

I’m curious if they are going to be added or do i need to write my own. That is the question i’m after?

An enum it’s the same… :rolleyes:
I also love how UDK Handles states, but UDK could be even better and handle states of states…