States in animbp are always active

So i have a issue where the states in my state machines always are somewhat active, like 2% active and so on. When changing the stance the “stance” enum gets changed between Standing and Crouching. This variable gets set on update and checks whether the player is crouching or not.

As you can see my base layer has all the states active, and some only partly

I have a groundstate state that changes between the standing and crouching locomotion however in here the machine is stuck between all of the states.

Both of the conditions below return true, even though when printing the variable in editor it returns the correct enum. either crouching or standing.

This issue hasn’t been fixed, but it seems to be an issue when using Child AnimBPs. When attaching the master animbp to the character averything in the graph looks fine, but whenever the child animbp is attached it looks like the pictures above. I’ve reported this as a bug.