States for level play... (pre game, in game, end game, etc)...

I am racking my brain trying to figure out how to do this in blueprints. perhaps I am missing a node that is needed… not sure.

When you enter a level, I want there to be certain states. First a client get’s a selection screen to select their class, this is part of the ‘pre-game’ state. That state should last x amount of time, then transition to a ‘playinggame’ state, where gameplay begins.

I guess what I am trying to figure out is if there is a ‘on rep’ sort of function or triggered function one can create that is based on a state change… I can not seem to find it… unless you just do a switch on the state setting every tick and branch off from that? Not sure how others have handled it, or what is proper.

If you look into my signature, you can find a link to free projects. There is a multiplayer project with states.
Not exactly doing the thing you need, but you can extend it. It waits for people to connect and start the game then
until the game is finished etc.

You can add your stuff with the selection i guess.

These projects don’t exist anymore and won’t be available.

I am guessing the one to look at is BallBump? Thanks eXi … will take a look at how you handle it.