State of Voice Chat using the Steam Subsystem

Hello everyone,

my team and I are encountering issues with the inbuilt voice chat and before we start evaluating alternatives, we would like to know if anyone else has experienced the same issues and may even have a solution.

So far we have found little official documentation and many reports that claim bad performance of the voice chat with little options to resolve it.

The setup is as follows:

  • Multiplayer based on the ShooterGame template
  • Steam subsystem
  • Windows and Linux Clients
  • Windows and Linux Servers
  • Proximity based Voice Chat via the Steam subsystem

The settings we are using:





  • [SIZE=12px]And registering a VOIP talker in the player pawns.[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=12px]Out Client rates are set between 10000 and 15000[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=12px]bAllowP2PPackageRelay is true, we tested with false as well, no change[/SIZE]

By and large, this works. Proximity voice chat, everyone hears everyone else when nearby etc.


  • The more voices and sounds can be heard, the worse the connection gets, the voice stutter and break up beyond recognition, with the server reporting many dropped voice packages.
  • Initially I thought this might be due to concurrency, but that does not match the package drop logs. We reduced the client bandwidth in the steam subsystem settings and that seemed to help a bit but did not resolve it
  • Sometimes its enough for two clients to connect and one will experience the stuttering voice from the other.
  • On some event, unreliably, voice either gets turned off for a player or they suddenly become global for everyone.

Has anyone else had similar issues with it and managed to solve it? We tested Vivox but realized that they only support Windows. I would rather trade support for Linux Clients and would definitely not want to lose Linux Server support for working voice instead.

I have experienced similar challenges. Lowering the server tick rate and raising the server bandwidth limits seemed to alleviate the problem but I have never had any good results with 4+ players talking at the same time.

Yeah, that sounds about what we tried and experienced. Odd though, Steam Voice works works nicely for other games