State of 2D In Unreal

Though I understand that unreal engine is mainly 3d focused and it will probably always be 3d focused I wanted to ask about 2d. Currently, I’ve heard how paper2d is all but outdated and rarely seen anyone using paper2d for hobbbyist games let alone professional. Most people if they have to do 2d games pick things like unity, godot, gamemaker, etc. and leave unreal behind. My question is if paper2d is being currently worked on or more generally if 2d in unreal in the future will become better than it is now.

There is zero mention of any improvements 2d side since the launch of ue4, yes, ue4, not ue5. In fact epic gave 250,000$ to godot, unity’s main competitor on the 2d side, further confirming epic has absolutely no intention of ever improving it.

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I am working as a Game Developer in a Game App Studio For 2 Years So To the best of My Knowledge, There is No Very impressive 2D game that is made in Unreal Engine. Well, I personally don’t like UE4 for 2D work, I primarily use Unity for anything 2D. Just a really simple suite, lots of documentation, very easy to get into.

But Apart from this Unreal Engine is the most powerful and impressive one, one that theoretically gives AAA-level capabilities to even one-man studios.
When we talked about the List of games, You noticed that Mortal Kombat is one that is being made in Unreal Engine.
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Use Godot for 2d development. It is better in 2d than ue4.