State Machine

Hi All, I need a little help. In the State machine network, I ended up with lot of connections from Idle_Walk_Run State. It looks too cluttered. Is there a way, that I create a separate network for any following states that will transit from Idle_Walk_Run?


I’m not a state machine ‘hacker’, but I’d say you have a problem here, because you haven’t generalized your interaction.

The walk/jump/crouch stuff is fine, but all the other stuff ( drop/pickup/explore… ) isn’t that just really ‘interact’?

It looks like maybe you’ve written a different way of interacting with every object in your game. If you generalize it ( IE use blueprint interfaces ), then I -think- you can just have one interact state here.

If you have interactions like ‘open window’ and ‘push button’, I think that’s part of the interacting with the object, and not really a state change for your player. I’m assuming you would choose what animation to play from inside the player in that case.

I could be wrong, but see if that makes sense…


Hi, Ok, I will consider to see if I will have to change the approach in here. Thanks for your insight.

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