State Machine: Transition when Animation Completes

I have a state machine that goes from Falling → Landing when the character is no longer in the air. Then I need it to go Landing → …the state that handles movement, etc.

I want it to transition out of landing when the animation finishes playing. How do I do that?

I am not sure of what you want then, refering to : State Machines | Unreal Engine Documentation
Do you talk about

If yes to come back to initial state use a not boolean like

If not, maybe the link can help you.

I’m uncertain what you’re saying, however the link shows there is a node that gives the time remaining.

I’ll test it if my project ever works again. Unfortunately using state machines created a fatal error that prevents me from opening any of the blueprints in my project.

I saw your thread about crash :frowning: I hope it’ll be solve quick. You can check what i mean by creating a project an look at basic anim setting. There is a basic blend space for “landing” actions which is always used, except when jump, then “isinair?” is set true and this is the "in air " anim which is done. when falling is false then it goes back to “landing” anim.

I’m trying to find how to transition once the animation finishes playing… :slight_smile:

Ok, not sure for the best way but if in your character blueprint you set a delay = anim length when you set your “isinair?” or at start of anim and set your “isinair” false if it is always true at this moment, it would works.

Edit : In case of this idea doesn’t fit your project, try have a look in animation section, you’ll may find better help there.

Edit 2 : modified idea ^^

Easy way is to use the State Machine transition rule graph and use the “AssetPlayer” nodes.

Say your landing anim is called Char_Land… In the transition from Landing to Run, you should see nodes that say “Char_Land Time Elapsed”, “Char_Land Time Remaining”, and then the same thing but as ratios rather than lengths.

Use Char_Land Time Elapsed Ratio, and use a <= comparator (e.g. if Char_Land Time Elapsed Ratio <=0.05, Can Enter Transition)

Ah, thanks. I was already doing it that way but looked in a conduit without realizing for the elapsed time :frowning: Cheers!

Thanks too. I didn’t know those nodes.

Just check the option “Automatic Rule Based on Sequence Player”.

I want to do something similar but am unable to figure this out. I want to play a roar event of a character and enter an IDLE state when the animation ended. I can enter the state but now how do I configure/define/call an event when the animation ended? I have 2 animations IDLE and ROAR. My character blueprint has a isRoar property which is read by the EventGraph of the animation blueprint and set in a local property. The transition from IDLE to ROAR is reading this property and the roar animation is played. The loop Animation is unchecked so it only plays 1 time. I want to automatically move back to the idle animation when the ROAR animation has ended. The proprty “automatic Rule Based on Sequence Player in State” in transition from ROAR to IDLE is checked but has no effect.

  1. Is there an easy way to auto transition to state when animation ended?
  2. Can I call a BluePrint Event when animation ended in the Roar State setup?

Thanks for any help.

I found a way. Use Animation Notify-feature. You can add a notify event to an animation and then in the Graph blueprint Use Add Anim Notify Event and then you can manipulate a variable that the transition is based upon from ROAR to IDLE setting it to in y case isRoar to false. Hope this helps someone and if someone is shaking his/her head and knows a better way, please feel free to share :wink:


Thanks but I’ve learned a lot more about the engine over the past 2 years since I asked this :wink: And the answer is the time remaining ratio node.

Thanks for sharing, dude.

but how to annihilate var to this state?

Another way is to have a notification directly on the transition firing a custom event, then use the event graph to do the variable update.