State machine frozen

I’m working on a catapult using the WheeledVehicle BP.

I’m trying to animate the catapult arm seperately using additive animations but somehow, the State Machine freezes in nearly every state. It only says “100% for 0.00 seconds” instead of the actual duration it’s been in the state.

This is even the case when only watching it in the animation preview.

As statet here, this might be connected to the VehicleAnimInst animation blueprint. I tried the same state machine on a normal animation blueprint and it works just fine. The thread states that this only happened after version 4.14, but I can’t really confirm this, I started with 4.14 :S…

So, any advice?

This is really keeping me from moving on right now, is there noone who’s got an answer to this?

Not using the premade vehicles allows me to animate, but then I’d have to do the driving myself, there’s gotta be a way!!

void FAnimNode_WheelHandler::Initialize(const FAnimationInitializeContext& Context)
AnimInstanceProxy = (FVehicleAnimInstanceProxy*)Context.AnimInstanceProxy; //TODO: This is cached for now because we need it in eval bone transforms.