State Change Multi

Essentially, a way to uniquely execute a path once until a new path is determined. It would be used similarly to a DoOnce Multi in blueprint.

Use case: An actor has 4 damaged states, each starts a new set particle effects for light, medium, heavy, and no damage, when it’s health changes only start the next set of damaged particles if the state of health has changed.

Similar blueprint functionality.


Why not try a “Switch on Enum”. During each damaged state you set the enum value to whichever you need (None, Light, Medium, Heavy damage, etc.), you can run a custom function that runs your particle systems, etc. based on which enum is being used.

This would be more generic and usable… So you can branch on anything instead of having to branch and set enum based on conditions then switch on those conditions, then compare the enum again, which if this node existed you could just plug your branches r

switch on int

I think you guys are missing the point… The thing will only happen once and is based on execution path, not arbitrary value. Switch on int is essentially the input into this node and this wouldn’t require keeping around extra data.

i dont understand
just make good macro and show us what you want

You can’t make a macro because it would need variable input. Otherwise I would just do that and not post here. :-p It would look like a Do Once Multi - but work like above instead.