Stat unit shows Game+Draw threads good. But GPU+Frame are bad. Why?

I am trying to pinpoint where my games’ performance issues are coming from but am struggling to find it.

How can can both Game and Draw seem perfectly fine but GPU + Frame are slow and indeed my frame rate is suffering accordingly.
I read somewhere that this means that I am bottle necked by the graphics card, but how can that be since the Draw is good?


I have also used the Frontend tool to look for timings and get similar numbers there.

Does anyone know what conclusions I should be making and what I need to optimize?


Draw is the time it takes to prepare the draw calls on the CPU, GPU is how long it actually takes to render them.

So in this case you’re bottlenecked by your GPU, and should use the GPU profiler to find out how to optimize it ( profilegpu command or Ctrl+; )

Ok thanks I’ll look closer there!


Hmm… so the profiler just says that ‘slate’ is taking the time. Note that I am not using any 2d gui’s or anything like that. from what I have heard I thought high slate timings meant that the GPU was waiting for other things like maybe the CPU. But from the stat command above the Game thread is also low so it shouldn’t need to wait for that.

That’s… interesting… never seen something like that before.