Stasis and sever events question

I have a couple of mods which appear to have the same settings for stasis flags etc and they both have stasis components. They both fire the BPUnstasis flag at appropriate times. However one of them appears to pause the server side timers during the stasis period, the other does not, they continue to fire.

Can anyone shed light on why this may be, what actually controls the behaviour on the server during stasis?

Second question, I think may have been asked before, what are the valid values of the “Default stasis component OCtree flags” and what do they do?

Contrary to other posts I don’t have to un-pause the timers, they seem to un-pause themselves, has this behaviour changed?

Looks like behaviour changed overnight :slight_smile:

In the adk the timers are automatically restarting after stasis.

In the game, dedi-server (v258.82/3), one appears paused but unpausing it does not start it firing again the other is not apparently paused but does not fire!