Startup movie volume - how to control?

We use UE’s startup movie feature to play the UE4 logo and our company logo. Does anyone know how to control the volume of those movies from C++ (or any other way)?

I found the question a few times on AnswerHub, but so far unanswered:

Matt Kuhlenschmidt replied to a similar question on UDN (Mar 31 2015):

Unless something’s changed since then, it doesn’t appear that there’s a way to do this.

Yea, the way it works right now is that they run before almost anything else.

Best bet IMO, would be to just re-export the movies at the desired volume level.

I gave up on this thread! Thanks for the replies. I still haven’t found a way to do this. We will now reduce the video’s source volume as you propose @TheJamsh.

I haven’t looked into it very much, but it’s possible we have a few new options for this since the media framework had quite a major update recently. Reducing the source volume seems like the path of least resistance though :stuck_out_tongue: