Startup map settings?

Hi there,

I’m setting my startup map to be a map I created called Terrain, like this in the “Project Settings”:


When I package my game for OSX, the game crashes, and I get the following in the log:

[2014.03.21-14.51.46:372][ 0]LogLinker:Warning: Can’t find file ‘/Engine/Maps/Entry’
[2014.03.21-14.51.46:372][ 0]LogUObjectGlobals:Warning: Failed to load ‘/Engine/Maps/Entry’: Can’t find file ‘/Engine/Maps/Entry’
[2014.03.21-14.51.46:372][ 0]LogMac:Error: appError called: Failed to enter /Engine/Maps/Entry: Failed to load package ‘/Engine/Maps/Entry’. Please check the log for errors.
[2014.03.21-14.51.57:915][ 0]LogMac: === Critical error: ===

It would seem that the entry map was not packaged, I take it because it’s not used. If i build with the entry map set in those fields, everything runs fine and I can then bring up the console and type Open Terrain.

In Saved/Config/CleanSourceConfigs/Engine.ini, I have the following:



In Saved/Config/MacNoEditor/Engine.ini is empty.

I am expecting the game to launch with the map I have specified in the project settings.

Anyone? Is this expected behaviour?


The project settings will only write to your personal local run-time generated INI file, which means that those settings will only apply when running the project directly from your local folder. When you package your project, your local run-time settings will be ignored, and only the project’s default settings will be used.

To make your personal settings the default for your project, please click the “Save as default” button. The DefaultEngine.ini file that is included in your packaged project should then have the desired startup maps.

I will make a usability pass on the Settings UI this week to make the distinction between personal settings and project default settings, as well as their relationship to project packaging more clear. Sorry for the confusion!

For clarification, because this may be of general interest: Unreal Engine uses a so called INI stack, which is a collection of configuration files that will be applied one after another in order to generate the final settings. A stack for system XXX (where XXX can be ‘Engine’, ‘Editor’ and other things) typically includes:

  • BaseXXX.ini (applies to all projects)
  • DefaultXXX.ini (default settings for your project)
  • XXX.ini (local run-time generated settings)

XXX.ini will be ignored when packaging, because these are your personal settings for testing/experimenting on your local PC.

Aha!!! Thank you so much for the explanation! It’s juat not intuitive at the moment, that’s all. Thank you for working on this kind of stuff.

Hi! where I can find the “Save as default” button. I have 4.9.1 version. Thanks!

Hi setteventi,

For Editor Preferences, it’s here:

Project Settings update the appropriate .ini file instantly.

Thank you!