Startup Load Screen/ Progress Bar?

We have an animation playing on startup, but it doesn’t run the entire length of the blank startup screen… first thought was to make the load animation longer, to compensate for the blank space, but then what about slower machines…? No way to tell how long it takes for every user case, so decided a loading progress screen would be more useful. Hopefully someone can shed light because there are so many posters out there with different hacks and not one that I’ve seen that is either blueprint driven or a viable solution.

I have to think that such a monster of an engine would have made things less cumbersome for such a seemingly easy request. I see seamless load screens frequently in games. I do not have a programming background, and still a bit new to blueprints, so please explain in depth with screen shots, and don’t assume I know much about code. We are trying to get our demo out in a few days so this would be helpful knowledge sooner rather than later. Thanks in advance.

You can’t because UMG is not update while loading.

here where I found the answer


Look how MoviePlayer is working. Since older UE versions MoviePlayer uses widgets which are added to loading screen video. You can ignore video and just place your Slate widget. You should override MoviePlayer setup function on module startup or before loading level starts.