Startup Indie Studio needs developers, 3D artists, and animators!

Hello to the wonderful Unreal community!

I’m a solo game designer in the startup process of an indie game studio. I have been working on multiple game designs to completion for the last 5 years. All of the games’ design mechanics have been created and refined to a solid beta state.

I have a decent understanding of the Unreal Engine, enough to form and communicate the necessary game designs in order to assist the programmers/developers in implementation. I have always kept ease of implementation in mind with each title, which makes the projects quite simple and straightforward, although the mechanics are unique in nature. Having knowledge of C++ isn’t necessary, though it could make certain elements easier to implement, such as multiplayer features.

Concept artists, 3D modelers, and environment artists are all necessary and welcome! The game’s aesthetic is realistic in nature, and applies elements from anime styles. Artists and animators would be directed by story concept and a plethora of art references, but would have a reasonable amount of freedom in character and environment designs.

I have a goal of creating a calm, enjoyable, and passionate team that will revolutionize the game industry! Compensation will be made for all work done for the studio, though it will be delayed and contingent on the title’s success. Project details, requirements, and contracts will be provided once we’ve made contact and come to agreements.

I can be contacted at
I look forward to expanding my network within the Unreal community and hopefully creating new and exciting projects with you all!

hi, me and a friend have recently started a indie dev studio we are looking for developers ourselves, would you be interested in joining with us?

That sounds interesting! Email me and let’s correspond in more detail.

Ive Sent An Email :slight_smile: