Startup Company Lead Programmer - $2,000/mo

Team Catcode is hiring a lead programmer to organize and contribute programming efforts for Wanted in Hell: The multiplayer first person shooter demon hunting game set in the wild west.

Job Description:
Work with a talented and ambitious fully remote team to successfully release our first title.

  • Department Planning - Work with designers and producer to create a detailed scope of work for implementations and ensure that programming projects meet deadlines.
  • Programming - Author/refactor core gameplay components including Backend Session Matchmaking (AWS), Menu UMG Logic & 2D Art Integration, Account Persistent Inventory Management Backend (SQL/Steam), Melee Combat Framework, Vivox Spatial Voice Chat Integration, Replicated Horse Riding Vehicle
  • Management - Manage remote team of 3 programmers. Approve a scope of work and realistic hour/target date estimates before a programmer begins work so expectations are clear. Schedule and lead a meeting once per week with the programming team to identify issues, provide feedback, and assign deadlines for each team member. Review work once completed to test functionality and ensure documentation is thorough.
  • Hiring - Assist producer with programming contractor hiring process.
  • Pipeline - Administrate Perforce source control permissions and overall programming pipeline.
  • Build Authoring - Cook testing and production builds.


  • Multiplayer UE4 C++ and BP Experience
  • Leadership experience and team communication skills
  • Project exclusive availability

**Compensation: **
$2,000 USD per month and growth plan for first title release.

Add MeowMiau#4811 on Discord and link your CV/portfolio.

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[TD]Nathan Weatherford

Lead Designer | Cat Code Games

								phone: [321.695.2133](tel:321.695.2133)

email: [EMAIL=“”]

discord: MeowMiau#4811

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Hi Nathan, Hope you are doing well.
I am interested in working with you on this title.

I have 2 years of experience in unreal engine and 5 years of experience in mobile application development.

Here is link to a game I am currently working on personally.
I have implemented dedicated server using blueprints and advanced sessions plugin. This game is still in pre alpha stages.

I have worked on player controller as a contractor in Area of darkness.

I also have worked on few other proprietary projects in the past as well.

Looking forward to your response. I have added you on discord “rajpootathar#7658”
Athar Mahmood