Starting with UE - My exterior lighting settings need improvement.

Hi guys,

After trying to the start UE with a building I have choose to pick a smaller project (house project) and here what I get atm.
(Thoses images are screenshots.)

Light only

Detail lighting

So, everything is from max except the trees, grass, … (found with some freepackages).
For a couple of day on this project I’m “ok” with the result but I would like to improve the lighting. Something is missing.

My SkyLight use a HDRI with Intensity 6.0 - Indirect Lighting Intensity 1.0
DirectionnalLight Intensity 3.0 - Temperature 5000 (wanted something warmer)
World setting : Static Lighting Level Scale 1 - Num Indirect Lighting Bounce 8
Bp_Sky_Sphere default
ExponentialHeightFog default.

If you have any tips, advices, …

Another question, about pictures.
Atm I’m doing screenshots and it’s not very nice and the Actor are visible. :s
There is no other way than using matinee ?
What do you do to make nice pictures of your project ?

Thanks !

To answer the last part first - if you press ‘G’ in editing mode, it will hide all your actors. Use the high res screenshot command if you want higher quality images, will help with the AA when you downscale.

I would suggest losing the grass and trees and focussing on the basics first - they’ll just distract you.

Strip everything back to its most basic.

Lighting - Directional Light and Skylight. Directional intensity set to maximum 5. Skylight set to 1.

Turn fog off for now, or set it far lower.

Light Importance Volume covering the house volume entirely.

Box Reflection Capture around the house, similar to the light importance volume. Then use a series of small sphere reflection captures to each window - play with their radius to get nice reflections. Same with interior spaces if needed.

Post processing volume, set to unbound. Main things here, for me at least, are screen space reflections, contrast and saturation (under film), colour temperature, bloom (turn it down), and auto exposure. For the latter, experiment with min and max brightness whilst looking at photos of houses in direct light - I personally bring the max brightness far lower to get “harder” sunlight - the standard setting is too flat.

That’s a start! Good luck. My biggest tip is - aim for subtlety. The best projects avoid massive bloom and lens flares and all that junk. Simple is best.

Unreal 4 Lighting Academy....or something like that ;) - World Creation - Epic Developer Community Forums)
this wil help you a lot :wink:

Thanks both of you.
@eliotbnz Yes, grass, trees, … it’s distracting me so much. I need to came back to the basics (with neutral material too) and work on my lighting first. Step by step !
@Amiot, I have seen tat spothlight on the epic launcher yesterday. :smiley: gonna read it today.

@Beewap yeah but for your information it is a serie of Video tutorials and if you can then post your updated screenshots for further advices :wink: