Starting the game with the main menu

Hey, I’m relatively new to UE and I’ve managed to make a startup menu for my simple turn-based combat game. I chose the 2D side-scroller preset, because it seemed the most similar to what I wanted. However, whenever I try to test the game out it just goes to the preset side-scroller level, and I can’t figure out how to get it to start out on my MainMenu UMG widget. I looked it up and it said something about Event BeginPlay->Create Main Menu Widget->Set Main Menu Widget->Add to viewport, but I have no idea where to put this; trying to put it on my UMG widget won’t work and the level it automatically starts up to (which I don’t even want) doesn’t seem to have a place where I could even put nodes.
Thanks in advance.

I usually do it like this. New level, empty name it main menu. In that level blueprint use the event begin play and off that do create widget, inside that node select the main menu that you made then off that node do add to viewport and then you will need to get a reference to player controller off that reference drag out the blue wire and type in search, set show mouse cursor. This will let you use the mouse to select buttons that are drawn on your main menu. here is a picture referfence.

Also remember to go into project settings/maps and modes and set the game default map to the main menu level so that your game will start on the main menu level.

Thanks! I got it to start up me menu first. Do you perchance know how to set the controller as the keyboards arrow keys to scroll through the buttons I have?

honestly I dont haha. Never looked into that.

This YouTube video shows exactly how to make this Blueprint:

I’ve made a fairly in depth tutorial video on all the things necessary for making a main menu, including things like making sure input modes are correct on level loading, preparing character etc.