Starting the day with UR4.... Why is it so hard?

The UR4 is to me, the best thing ever for a guy like me. But why is it when I’m half way through designing a level, I’m fine and I’m going steady. But the beginning of the process is something I dread doing? It’s like. I have this block and sooooo much space. That I have to fill up and change. And blueprints are awesome, but after all those tuts for them, I still have a hard time remembering which command is right for the action/function I want. And that’s when I feel overwhelmed and shut myself down. (Which is why I haven’t touched UR4 in 3 weeks)

Anyone else have this problem with getting started?

a lot depends on your starting point, eg when you first started learning level design / creating . for some who started years a go with small dm type maps its easier but for those who have just started it can be very overwhelming with how much space you can use and how much content you can put in, also due to the advances in game / hardware tech you can do so much more now but as you have noticed you have a whole lot more to learn. the best advice i can give is start small and keep it simple eg crawl - walk - run , this way you slowly build your knowledge of the editor

Yeah. That’s true. But I just wonder if there is a way top push past that feeling, something easier than what I’ve been doing. (I’ve spent way more time watching vids and reach docs than in the engine doing these things)

Open an existing functional level and modify it until it’s something entirely different, keeps the emptyness away.

I made a simple level called practiceLevel in which I keep trying different things and keep adding practice models…I try one time following video, then delete the blueprint and try without video…I figure if I keep doing this over and over there will be no problem remembering…Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed if you are just learning…You have plenty of time to get overwhelmed when your boss is going to fire you if you don’t get it done on time…

Whats UR4?

I think he means UE4 :wink:

No its UR4, the ‘R’ is for wRiters Block, which is what it sounds like you’re having @Darkbreed!!! :slight_smile:

Try starting on the first blank page of a movie screenplay or a book (The Shining)!! Dry spells in music composition are even worse, especially if you get hooked on the idea that you’re stuck. When that happens and you’re not getting inspiration you need to make new choices or change something about yourself.

In gaming, that might mean working on a new game type to you, or a new game genre in general, or modelling a new character that hints at a new game. But its better if its something you haven’t done before. So shutdown the computer and go off and get inspired. Travel for a weekend away, the more exotic the place the better! And if there are unexpected challenges, it might just jolt you out of what-is unhelpful thinking…

what is meaning UR4 please share me about UR4?

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Is that your subtle way of suggesting the poster should write UE4? If not, I think the poster was thinking U(n)R(eal) 4, instead of U(unreal) E(ngine) 4…