Starting recording on Live Link Face app doesn't start Take Recorder recording

My coworkers and I are trying to set up a character utilising the Live Link Face app on iPhone X for facial animation. We’re currently setting up an animation blueprint to match up the actor and character movements. This documentation page says that: If you are connected through Live Link to any instances of Unreal Engine at the time you start recording from the Live Link Face app or through the OSC interface, you will also launch the Take Recorder on all connected instances of Unreal Engine. Your animation performances will be recorded both on your iPhone and in the Take Recorder on your computer.

This suggests that when we hit record on the app, the take recorder should open and start recording at the same time, however this doesn’t happen. I’m working on the animation blueprint remotely, so I guess I’d need the live link data in the Take Recorder slate and the the video from the app to match up nice and tight for this to work. We’ve Googled and watched various videos about setting up the app etc, but so far nothing has done the trick. It also doesn’t seem to work in the Face AR Demo that Epic provides, so I’m betting we didn’t just misconfigure it. Are we missing something? Thanks.