Starting point VR 360 Images Arc/x tranporter nav

Hi, my name is Rob Hanson. At this point I am not even sure how to ask the right questions. Can anyone provide me with a beginning, a starting point. I am assuming, if it were easy than everyone would be doing it.
I have taken a series of VR 360 images of a walk in the park. I can view each on in my Vive HMD. I would like to learn how to move from one point in 360 scene/image to the next 360 scene/image using a arc transporter. Like Google Earth VR dose.
I have used 3DVista which has a link into Googles app for this, but its published by/to google earth?
I am willing to put the time in for this, but I am not finding anything that is helpful at this point.
Can anyone help!
Kind Regards,
Rob Hanson