Starting off.

I have been playing around with engine, and the New Project presents
I have been going through the vids on you tube
I would like to know? Or can you tell me what vid on youtube to go to on how to do it
how to lock the camera view in 3rd person to look more like the Top Down View, or giving the Top down View More Animations to jump and So on. I won’t to start there so I can design a level based on what I want my person to do

The best video series for that is the 3rd person bp tutorial: (here you learn everything that you need for a character)

What exactly do you mean with lock the camera like in the top down? So that you cant rotate it anymore or that it rotates with the character? When you mean that, then just enavle “Use controler rotation yaw” in your character bp :slight_smile:

I’m playing around with the 2 options, but more so with it rotates with the character, but with a higher view. what I was thinking was having the player camera locked on the player at a height so free up the mouse for movement and aiming like the Top down View. But still being able to use height of anther object (E.g. Roof top of a building ) as a strategic advantage. while also being able to use a duck and uses a objet for cover. also so I can jump from one high object to anther. I would like the camera to pan around so I can use all 4 sides of a objet, but im not shore how that would work.

these are grate vids.
I have locked the camera so it only spins in the Z Axis and more it higher, witch is what I wanted, to get around the jerky camera movement that has been crated as a resalt. I was wondering if i could lock the camera to player so they pivot at the same time in the same angle and direction. so when I am panning around while still the character would pivot on the stop so he is always facing the way the camera is like a first person view but in a 3d person view . I guess to stop it looking weird later I would animate a shuffling motion.

a result would be the player is always facing forward so the camera doesn’t need to reline it self and even if the player is out of view sometimes, the movement of the character would put him back in view and this would stop the jerky movement (hopefully).

if this doesn’t make since to anyone let me know