Starting off in ue4

Hi everybody. I just wanted someone to tell me how i can make a third person shooter. I am having trouble attaching a gun to the character. Also, how can one shoot projectiles from the weapon? I also want to know where i can aquire meshes for guns, bullets and AI. If I can’t get any free meshes, how can I make one. I’ve looked around around on the web, but can’t find anything.

Start by examining the templates and content example projects, the content examples go over most features that are normally used and explain them.

add your gun to a “socket” on your model

Look up any 3d Asset store - theres heaps.

TO make it, you need a 3d modeling software, Blender is free

Theres a learn button at the top of the screen that contains information on almost everything

Also, if you cant find anything after looking around on the web… when there are many thousands of places for information all easily accessible via google or available in the Epic Launcher… Good Luck

Thanks, but I can’t seem to get anything from the content examples, as they don’t have any TPS Games. Do you have any links to gun attaching vids?