Starting matinee with button


I’ve built a walkthrough app which is almost complete. I’m struggling to get the matinee to play on button press, as per the attached screenshot. I’m obviously missing something, but can’t see what. I’ve set up a Blueprint Interface which just has an Input ‘Start Matinee now’.

Any help would be appreciated!

Assuming that you are creating the widget in Level BP, you first need to create an Event Dispatcher inside your widget and call it with button click. And then call and assign that event dispatcher in level BP as you create the widget, and play the matinee with it.

Thanks Jacky.

I’ve set up the Main Menu and Level blueprints as you have suggested, but the event doesn’t seem to fire to the level blueprint. Do I need to bind the event somehow? I couldn’t seem to reference the widget blueprint from the level blueprint, as I could with a blueprint actor.

I’m sure this is close to working now.

Oh yeah, in Level BP instead of calling MatLaunch Assign it. That way it will automatically bind a new custom event to that dispatch. Then you just use matinee’s Play node with that event and thats it.

That’s it, cheers! I’ve posted my final level blueprint below to help others.

Thanks again.