Starting Game with input held down means the pressed event wont occur, has to be re-pressed

If I call Restart Game, or even just PIE with a key held down, the input event for pressing that key never triggers and that’s to be expected. For this specific scenario the sprint key is often being held, then when you die and the level restarts you expect to start off sprinting if holding it, but instead just walks until re-pressed.

So my question is how can I make it fire the events at the start? I could use Begin Play to check the button state and call the function myself initially, but how do I do that? I only have the option of checking a specific key as opposed to the input the PlayerController uses.

InputComponent has GetAxisValue() but not something akin to GetActionState() (as an example) which makes sense, because it’s an event when the button is pressed rather than a state that gets stored.