Starting game development - want an advice

Hello everyone.

I’m 25 years old developer and designer that has been involved with Web Development and Web Design for the past 7 years. I’ve also studied 2 years C++, JAVA and C# at university.

For quite some time I’ve been interested in game development. I know it’s now easy, I know it takes a lot of time, it takes more people and etc, but I have an idea that I’ve been having in my head for some years and now matter what I do, I just want to achieve it, someday. I know that going slow and small is the way to go, but ultimately my idea is an MMORPG, but with an unique element that I have as an idea. I don’t want the game to be big with 100 maps and instances and etc…

My question actually is do I even try to go down the path and start learning and eventually create something like that? I see that most the MMORPGs are created within 2-3 years, and they also have big teams, I’m just one. I have studied C++ in university, but I’m not really good at it, because I’m mainly web developer, and I do design, but web design, I have no experience in making 3D models and etc.

This post probably makes no sense, but I just have this idea, and every single day I keep thinking about it and wanna see it happening, but MMORPG I think is something very complex and hard to do as a solo guy… well, I think it is hard and complex no matter how many people are involved…

Do something much simpler, especially as a first project, because you’ll learn things that you’ll need to know later on that will help a lot when doing a big project. Even then, think things through–if your game idea would require a lot of content to be made and you can’t do them yourself you’d need money or free help, and I haven’t seen cases where getting free help works.

Thank you for your comment. I will definitely start with something small and simpler and then build my way to what I have as an idea. One question though, when a person later one decides to create a small MMORPG, is there stuff that need to be done from the start so you don’t have to rewrite your entire code later on? I’m talking about multi player functionality, data bases and ect? I mean, I would assume that if this is made only as an RPG at the beginning and you decide to make it online and multi player, you would need to come back and rewrite stuff so they adapt to multi player system. So, is there is some place I can read about that, just stuff to keep in mine from the start while developing it. Anyway, as I said, I’m starting slow, I’m just interested in reading about that stuff so if there are any resources that you know, I’d be happy if you share them.