starting from the bottom no

Got a buddy who wants to make a game just starting out is there a good order to what to learn from beginning to end? with UR4 …im new so i cant help him…will be using blueprint…

Super handy free tools and other things list

This is a very wide question with lots of right answers.
Since there’s two of you it might help to split up the different skills you’ll need and get learning =]

It’s really hard to just say ‘start here’ (other then Epics starter videos!).

I understand that i just didnt know what to tell him looking at all the info i just cant say where to start…

another good place to start is with the example projects in the launcher, taking them apart to see how they were done or using the assets to build a small scene/map can teach you a lot about the engine/level design/how to put things together…ect.

doing stuff like that can give you an idea of where to start:)

Well there is many different skills you can try learn, nobody can really tell you where to start. If you are interested in the programming side of things then i would suggest learning blueprint but if you would like to create game art for example 3D models, Textures in Photoshop etc then you could download Blender which is free and maybe take a beginners tutorial on YouTube for blender for you can get used to the interface and then start creating basic buildings etc

Watch all the UE4 tutorials multiple times!