Starting from scratch - C++ programming vs blueprints for a noob

I know topics like this exist, but I want to know the community’s opinion for a newcomer to Unreal4 with no programming experience nor previous udk experience. I found blueprints to be very helpful, but understanding the unreal specific classes and my options is a bit overwhelming. Also, the logic with setting up a blueprint seems a little different (backwards) with what I’ve experienced in simple programming in the past. Would it be more worthwhile to learn c++ or to just stick with blueprints? Will understanding blueprints also help my understanding of c++ and the underlying architecture of unreal 4?

So many questions. Thanks guys.

It’d be a good idea to understand blueprints and c++, don’t limit yourself by not knowing or trying to learn the other. Some things you just can’t do with only blueprints.

Blueprints shouldn’t replace your C++ code. They’re great for rapid prototyping or level-design related mechanics like a door opening.

Don’t ignore C++ thinking you can do everything in Blueprints. It’s very easy to get caught up doing everything in BPs.

Makes perfect sense. Is there an easy way for me to open a class blueprint that I’ve made in UE4 with Visual Studio to look how it was replicated in C++?

Not that I’m aware of… Some of the function names are similar so you may be able to find them with intellisense or w/e.

Mostly what you carry over from a blueprint to code is the Logic you used in the BP to produce the desired result.

The best thing you can do for coding is to…

  1. determine which class you need to extend from
  2. open up the documentation for that class
  3. learn which functions you need to override and how certain functions work (BeginPlay vs OnConstruction vs Constructor vs Tick etc…)
  4. learn how to “talk” between different types of classes and objects using pointers