Starting C++ Project opens VS and crashes Unreal Editor

I’m trying to follow this guide for intro to programming with Unreal:

I open the editor, select new project, c++, name it, and click to open

From here the editor start menu disappears, the unreal editor does not initialize the project, and all I get is VS starting.

I built from scratch, and have noticed a prior error with lightmass whereby it would not start the swarm until a rebuild from within VS. Do I need to build/rebuild something in order for C++ editor projects to launch correctly?

Also, if this is an issue I may face elsewhere, is there a list of things to build all at once so I can get this over with?


My fix was to rebuild the QuickStart project in VS while all instances of editor are closed (it will error out with permission issue otherwise). This will get the editor of the project to start, but now the VS does not load automatically. Not a big deal. It works, just feels like it’s a little janky compared to how it should be working.