Starting as spectator but still getting a pawn, end up with an extra pawn.

Hey guys,

I have a custom game mode. I am setting the following bool in the constructor of my game mode:

	bStartPlayersAsSpectators = true;

This works great and I do start as a spectator but I do have one problem.

Even though I start as a spectator, the game is still spawning a pawn. So when I enter play mode, and create a pawn, and so forth, the non-possessed pawn that was spawned at the beginning of the game is still there.

How can I tell my game mode NOT to spawn a default pawn, just go straight into spectator mode without spawning a default pawn?

Thanks guys.

Actually, bStartPlayersAsSpectators does nothing. I was getting the duplication behavior from some other code I was trying.

I discovered that this issue is a known bug: [4.7.6] Play in Editor ignore bStartPlayersAsSpectators - Programming & Scripting - Epic Developer Community Forums

I may try to get my project into 4.9 preview and see if it’s fixed there.