Starting as a beginner. What is the best way to learn?

I have just started using Unreal Engine, I have previously used Java and I spent a brief amount of time on Unity but I want to go a step further. I suppose we all have visions for where we want to be or what we want to create, and mine is probably a little far fetched, however I want to get to a point where I can create a simulator-like game. But not just a basic driving simulator. I want to create a building like simulator, where everything you make can be modified and used. And I don’t want to focus on just one aspect in a simulator. If you could imagine, Hunting Simulator, Car Mechanic Simulator, Ghost Recon and house flipper all combined into one game. Basically a really detailed fps version of sims. Now that maybe be months if not years down the track for me. But it’s where I want to be. I hope I can find some other developers with a similar mindset that I can learn from and work with, or we all learn together. But does anyone have any pointers for a good place to start learning Unreal Engine?

It’s a very vague question. And that usually means a very vague answer :slight_smile:

The main thing with developing in UE, is developing that ‘go get it’ attitude. Some people are constantly coming back here and asking for guidance, and I predict they will never make anything.

Best thing, is to ask yourself, ‘what tiny part of my concept can I get working today or this week?’, and head towards that. When you get it working, find the next tiny part, and head in that direction. Eventually things will start coming together ( imagine at least a year here ).

The best place to find stuff are Epic training material

and you tube vids.

necessity and the best teacher then jump into the water and start swimming don’t worry you won’t drown and it’s all virtual

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Start very simple project. Then do anything in it EVERY day, even 15min. But open it, and do something.

You will learn in time.

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first of all you need a session with yourself whisky+whiskey blues where you decide what you want to do what vidogame tipe or find a goodMode script for a 3D movie for netflix A goal A target and stay on dam target
then create a must-have list with all necessary game/move components graphics excluded
then start to build you learning the things you need as they come along forowad like martial arts learn a new move with daily commitment nothing is impossible if you don’t stop punching every day you give 2 3 hours of punching the keyboard

PS.if anyone has a better free method let me know