Starting a new Unreal Engine 4 tutorial series for intermediate/advanced developers!

Hi there!

After freelancing for a couple of years, most of my clients usually ask me to mentor and tutor them in specific topics, I’ve finally decided to use my teaching skills (Worked as a tutor/professor in my university and done live seminars before) to make a new series on my Youtube channel and change its focus from gaming videos to game development. In this series, I will look for cool mechanics from other games and reverse-engineer them in Unreal Engine 4, at first I’ll be doing the picks but later on I will take submissions from my audience and implement their requests. This is my specialty, taking abstract ideas or implementations from other games and re-creating them myself, I’m extremely passionate and excited to finally start a tutorial series so I can share my knowledge and expertise with the community. I’ll be starting with re-creating the Destiny super system in it’s most basic form (Starting really simple, but will be moving on to more complex mechanics and using C++), I hope you guys enjoy my content, I will be uploading videos constantly every week, subscribe to my channel to stay up to date with my content and feel free to throw me a request!

Also, if you would like to hire me for mentoring/tutoring or any other tasks, feel free to contact me!

Best Regards,
Christian (BioXide)

Hi BioXide,

Subscribed! This is awesome and very generous of you. Curious if you will still be working on Project Frequency? Your dedication has been an inspiration for me.

Hey TechLord long time no see, at the moment I’m having issues with the publisher that keep delaying the development of the game, but I’m sure after it’s resolved the development will continue normally. Thank you for those words, they mean a lot and inspire me to keep working hard on my goals :slight_smile: