Starting a Daily* Stream where I answer various questions and implement requested systems

Disclaimer: I am not going to sit here and type out that I am some Master Super Advanced UE4 guy. Even if I may think that at times :wink: What I will say, is that I am intelligent enough to do the research and come up with a plan of action to tackle any problems that I may encounter while working in this awesome engine. I’ve been using UE4 for the past couple of years, mainly in Blueprints, but have been getting more and more aggressive on the C++ side over the past year. I am currently working on getting to know and improving my know-how on networking in UE4.

Twitch: Twitch

Random Times, be sure to sub. If you need help on something, I’ll tell you specifically what time, otherwise, for others, it’s just going to be random depending on if I can answer a question right then and there for someone. But I’ll still stream later on at night EST usually.

YouTube: Victor Burgos Games - YouTube (for now I’ll have to use this ugly link)

Google Docs:

The first stream/video, someone asked me about how to use Game Instance to keep a coin count persisting throughout the game, using the 3rd Person template and having multiple levels. It’ll be up on YT one day, as soon as Premiere wants to hurry itself up. This may be my first and only 1440p recording :wink:

Future streams/videos is really up to you all, but I will have a separate list of random stuff I find on here or on answerhub, in case it’s a ghost town. I’ll just grab one, maybe two things to complete each night.

I will answer questions live on stream, and/or via YouTube comments.

Questions small or big, come at me. The harder/longer the question, the more planning that will probably be required, just a warning. Although for the first video I did no planning, so there will be times where I will be able to do things spontaneously.

Pretty much, this stream is for everyone, so don’t be shy.

If you have some questions that you would like to be answered in the next few streams, please post them here and I’ll get to them as soon as I’ve done the proper research.

*Daily only on Weekdays for now, that’s Monday through Friday. (If the need arises to do weekend streams, I will step up)

**No, I will not create an MMO, let’s get that out of the way. So please be realistic with these requests :slight_smile: If things get too complicated or crazy, we’ll have to break things apart into multiple sessions.

Hello! I have a question about how you would go about solving an issue I am having. How would you fix an invalid url error message when you are trying to swap from level to level in the PIE?

Can you figure out how to attach individual destructible chunks from an already-fractured mesh? For example, allowing a player to pick up and throw a single chunk (and not the entire destructible mesh).

Maps cooked? Hard to tell with that limited amount of info, probably will need your project or at least logs to figure anything out. But you said in PIE. So that’s strange.

Out of the box, that’s not possible in the engine currently. Sadly destructibles in the engine are limited. However, it does look like it is possible with PhysX and C++, so that sounds like a fun challenge. Do or Die, I’ll stream it tonight.

That sounds great, I will be watching.

Here is some info from Tim Hobson, which was as far as I was able to get. (last comment here: Delete destructible mesh debris - UE4 AnswerHub)

After further investigation and some trial, this is actually going to take a bit more planning than expected. So I won’t be able to swing it tonight. Even with PhysX and diving into the code, there’s something I am missing and need to research. Sorry about that. Don’t want people just sitting at a blank screen while I do research :wink:

Victor Do Wall Running And Wall Jumps :smiley: that ill be great

Procedural Slicing of Meshes at runtime…


Some FABRIK stuff would be nice or some realistic rain tutorial