Startig with paper2d and whole UE4

  1. take a look at the official tutorials → start with this one: Get Started With UE4 - YouTube
  2. use the documentation: Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation
  3. just start a small project → easiest way to learn the engine
  4. when you are stuck with something, post a question into the forum or answerhub → we are always here to help you :slight_smile:
  5. Also take a look at this series: ?v=9FKG7fFWKOA

Hey guys . i just interested in using UE4 as my engine and start both advanced programming and game making . btw i born to make games so … cant wait to start. but as u know there r very very few and scattered tutorials for 2d stuff and there s no FOR 0 EXPERIENCE point to start with . so im pretty confused , searched youtube Ue forums and everything. sounds like all of em need u to know basics in ue (esp the paper2d ) lack of good sources to mess with made me take a step back. UE has pretty good offers both in price and power and not limiting u to some isolated programming and paying for everything but on the other side unity offers me TOONS of tutorials for 2d gamemaking.

I’m really confused and donno what to do. if i start ue4 i might give up while gazing through menus and googling every single thing . but if i move on unity i ll make my first games and then run outta budget because of 3000$ per user license that makes no sense for a newbie studio . So i beg u all guys to link me some good guides and BOOKs (due to my ***** connection i cant wait a day for 5 minute vids so last place for vids) to show me the START NEW GAME on dev life.

Thanks. HN

If you have the latest launcher, go into the Learn tab and there are at least 3 tutorials plus a new Paper2D handdrawn stickman game you can pick apart and see how they did it all.