StarThrone // A CO-OP TPS IN SPACE!

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So wanted to take a second and update this page as I have been quite busy and haven’t been posting as much as I’d like. ST is still in development and is coming along nicely. I’ve purchased some assets from the marketplace as a way to start filling out these levels with pretty art assets and giving a better idea for where the project is going. Some will stick around some wont.

Where I’ve focused development thus far has been mainly getting shooting, dealing damage, death and respawning working. After this I spent some time filling in some different weapon types and working on the over all feel of the character’s movement and camera.

Now we catch up to current development.

Things I’m working on currently:
-Melee(just needs to apply damage)
-Inventory rework(Currently I’m attaching weapons to the character. This will change. it’s too much)
-Door system and other environment props
-Environment for boss fight
-Simple boss with basic ai and death
-Shield system (currently being prototyped, more info if fun)

I’ve neglected creating a build as I don’t believe there is too much here yet, though if you’d like a build to play around with please let me know.


PS: also wanted to thank Tom Looman as your community projects have helped greatly when stuck on certain things and all the creators of the marketplace assets I’ve used. I’m not a 3d artist by any means and I’m glad there’s such great content for people like me to get something up and running.


(Just added: Network Functionality to the Weapon System!)

Took the day today to create network functionality for the weapon system. All players now spawn with a full inventory of all the weapons. The weapons all work and have a variety of different weapon configurations. The players take damage and will die if damage is given. Next step is going to be network respawning and bringing all my projects together for a build coming soon.


Nice work mate! I’ll keep an eye on this thread to see how it progresses.

Tom, I’ve been watching your Switch project. I have to admit I’ve watched that force shield prototype video one to many times.

You do some great work. Many Props.


Haha thanks mate! The shield was so much fun to build too :smiley: Got the idea while almost pondering in bed and just HAD to build it!

Is there a reason why anytime I edit a post the thread doesn’t show my thread as updated?

Editing a post won’t update the thread. If you want to have the thread bumped to the top, you need to post a new reply.

But you are only allowed to bump your thread when it is unanswered for 4 days.

Thanks for the info exi. Always feel dirty bumping my own thread.