StartGameInstance() not called when playing in editor?

Hi everyone,

I’m having a little bit of trouble understanding how Unreal handles the GameInstance class. From what I get so far, the GameEngine class calls **StartGameInstance() **in its init() function. So whenever I use Launch or Package Project the StartGameInstance() is called but not when playing in editor. For debugging reasons, since I can’t get the log to show up when Launching the game but only when packaging and using the Terminal with -log, I want the editor to call the **StartGameInstance() **as well without having to cook and package the project every time I change my code. I feel like Im missing something that would make all of this simpler.

Thanks for your help.


StartPIEGameInstance is what’s called when playing in the editor. It takes a few extra arguments in case you want to distinguish between the potentially multiple gameinstances created by the editor. If you don’t need that distinction, you should be able to just call StartGameInstance within your StartPIEGameInstance.

Cant believe I missed that. Thank you so much !